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Renaissance Restoration is a privately owned and opperate construction, design and management organization, successfully operating in the Boston and Metro Boston area since 1995.

Our business has worked in a wide variety of areas of the construction industry including historic, business use and assembly use such as cafes and restaurants, assisted living housing, (ADA Construction) and multifamily residential use and many other commercial construction services. Currently a large and enjoyable aspect of our business has been involved with additions and renovations of residential single family homes.

Communication and design aspects of construction are critical to the overall results, that is why we make the extra effort to oversee all aspects of constructions to assure the professional high quality that our clientel is looking to achieve.

We work with individual home owners.... We work closely with home owners, striving to help them integrate their living space to their life style.

We work with subcontractors as needed.... We also work with the architects and engineers involved with with our projects to guarantee that our and our clients’ anticipated goals are achieved. We pride ourselves in our good, and long standing relationships w/ our clients and subcontractors.

We work with investors.. With real estate investors budgetary management is key. We have extensive experience dealing with these concerns and often find creative solutions to working within a budget to gain the sweat equity required to make a project a profitable endeavor.

Renaissance Restoration company photo and painting

Servicing Northeastern Massachusettes and the Greater Boston Area

For more information or for a FREE estimate on your next project please call: 617-388-6339 renrestorations@comcast.net